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Pricing varies depending on the case.  We cannot give prices over the phone, but will be happy to meet with you for an initial consultation for criminal matters at no charge.  Consultation fees charged for other matters will be credited toward your balance if you decide to hire us.  We do offer payment plans and accept credit cards.  


 “The best lawyer in the state of Florida. He was always easy to reach and always upfront and honest with everything. His prices were not only fair but he always informed me of costs that may occur. He was very knowledgeable and always looked out for my best interest. He really cares about his clients and gives a 100 percent on all his cases. I had referred many people to him and will continue to in the future.” – Rachel G


 “Mr Balaguera returned my phone call within minutes and addressed my situation immediately. He had results on my 30 yr old citation within a few days and I felt confident that this would be resolved in a short amount of time. Highly recommend using his service for your legal issues. " I ain't lying-you better be using Brian."  - David F.


 “I'm very satisfied with the work Brian did to get me off the hook with my charges of Assault and Resisting arrest 10 days before my court date, he handled my case in a professioanal and respectful way, I never felt like I was being taken advantage of like you do with other lawyers.  Thank you Brian.” - Carlos


“I was arrested for a drug possession charge, it was my first time being arrested and I was totally scared.  I did not know what to do, who to talk to and more importantly who to trust.  The system is not perfect I learned this very quickly bad things do happen to good people just being in the wrong place at the wrong time is all it takes.  Brian was supper informative walked me through all my options and totally informed me of all possible outcomes.  I am firmly convinced that due to all his experience and knowledge I was able to get my case dismissed in record time.  Thanks Brian for your dedication and commitment to me.” - Ryan


“I would recommend Mr. Balaguera to anyone who requested my advice. He was incredibly professional and always returned my calls and texts in a timely manner. In fact, he would contact me weekly to give me a status update.  Due to his incredible knowledge of the law, my case was totally dismissed by the judge. I truely believe that my case would have not had the positive outcome if I had not been fortunate to find Mr. Balaguera, who is passionate about his job and clients.”  - DUI Client


“I would reccomend Mr. Balaguera. He handled my traffic ticket for expired registration. The ticketing officer told me it would not be dismissed since the registration was expired for over 6 months, but Mr. Balaguera got the job done!” – Anonymous client

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