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Criminal Defense

  1. I was just arrested, what should I do?

    You should consult with an attorney immediately. If you were just arrested, then you are within a timeframe where your local State Attorney's office is reviewing your case to determine whether to file charges. The more agressively you can attack the case from the beginning, the more likely the case will be downfiled or even dismissed if possible. You also want to avoid creating evidence against you and attempt to get a bond if you were not already released from jail. The sooner you hire an attorney, the better.

  2. What if I cannot afford a lawyer?

    If you cannot afford an attorney for your criminal case, the court will appoint one, but not the lawyer of your choice. You may want to look into private firms to get prices, see if you can work out a payment plan or the attorney might accept credit cards. Our office offers payment plans and accepts all major credit cards.

  3. Should I wait to hire an attorneyI am facing a DUI?

    No, you only have ten days to challenge the suspension of your license if you refused to blow. In addition, there are so many aspects of your case that are time sensitive. You are doing yourself a disservice by not hiring an attorney from the beginning.

  4. Am I going to jail?

    It depends on your case and your history, but it could be a possibility for you. This is why hiring an attorney is the most important decision you can make right now.

  5. Is there a way to beat my case?

    It really depends on the facts of your case and how any searches were conducted. Mr. Balaguera is notorious for filing pretrial motions such as motions to supress and motion to dismiss. Our goal is to fight your case in every possible way so we can obtain the best possible resolution for you. We cannot guarantee any particular result in any given case, but we will work hard for you.

  6. Can I work out a deal?

    It depends on what the State is offering. The majority of cases are resolved this way. Whether to take a plea deal is really a matter of personal preference. The client must weigh the differences between what the State's offer is versus the facts of the case and risk of going to trial. Mr. Balaguera has many trials under his belt and is ready for any of our clients if they decide to take their case tor trial.

  7. Can I get a bond out of jail?

    It really depends on your case. Getting out of jail is much more difficult for cases involving life felonies and violations of probation. Mr. Balaguera has experience obtaining bond for clients in these situations.

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